Police probe fatal fight between cousins

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The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

POLICE are investigating a row between two cousins which ended up in the death of one last Saturday.
A police source in Madang said a 17-year-old man at the Public Tank settlement and his 14-year-old cousin brother at Sagalau Creek had a row on Saturday.
Gilbert Tara, a relative of the two teenagers, confirmed the incident which led to the death of Jeremiah Rur. He said another man had provoked the fight.
He said police were looking for his cousin Loxie Kambri to be questioned over the incident. The incident happened around 4pm.
Tara said a nurse at the hospital said there was a six-centimetre wound on the chest.
Rur’s relatives burnt his cousin’s home.
Public Tank community leader Felix Kawan said there had been so many killings in the area.
“We stopped issuing licences for guns thinking guns will cause more deaths but instead knives are causing more deaths than we expected,” Kawan said.
He said people no longer resorted to fist fights these days to settle minor differences but went straight for the knives to kill.