Police promise to find university student’s killers

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

POLICE in Lae have pledged not to let the killing of University of Technology (Unitech) student Graham Romanong fade away lightly.
Lae Met Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr on Friday promised Romanong’s relatives that police would ensure no stones were left unturned and that all suspects involved in the killing would be arrested and charged.
Wagambie and Morobe Governor Kelly Naru met with the relatives of Romanong at Eriku.
Romanong, from Mendi, Southern Highlands, a first-year surveying and lands studies student, was killed in his room by a group of men on the night of June 25.
“Three suspects involved in the killing have already been arrested and charged by police,” Wagambie said.
“They are now detained at the Buimo jail and will appear in court.
“Police will not stop. We will still continue to pursue other suspects still at large.”
Wagambie said a precious life was taken and killers should not walk around freely.
He said there was no arrest for arson  but police would not rest until they found out who had burnt down some university buildings the same night.
“These buildings cost the government a lot of money.
“Who’s going to replace them?
“The arsonists have to be held answerable.”