Police prosecutor’s poor performance is negligence

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 THE National’s report “Police blame each other over courtroom failure” (July 9) is of great concern for our law enforcement agency, particularly police prosecutors in terms of their competency in court and their relevant educational qualification. 

The charges against the Unitech staff, removed by the Lae Committal Court, are the prosecutor’s responsibility. 

It was his duty to make sure that there was sufficient evidence before going into court. 

He cannot remain silent, only to find that there is no evidence to commit five former Unitech staff to stand trial. 

He could have consulted the public prosecutor’s office and informed the investigating officer of any missing evidence. 

His action in not responding to the defence submission inferred that he agreed to it. It creates suspicions and he must be investigated and disciplined if he has been negligent. 

Our prosecutors and investigators should be educated properly to be consistent in performing their duties. 

Victimised coppers Via email