Police releases charged banker

National, Normal

BANKER John Maddison was yesterday released from the Boroko police cell after being charged with conspiring with others to pervert the course of justice.
Police said he was brought to Boroko police station, charged under section 218 of the Criminal Code, and then locked up at Boroko cells.
He was later released on medical grounds, a policeman said.
It is unclear if he appeared in court over the fresh charge.
Maddison was arrested as his lawyers were fighting other charges in court on Wednesday.
The charges stem from complaints filed by Peter Yama, the owner of the Yama group of companies.
MrYama claimed that the actions of Maddison and others involved were preventing him from getting money from Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL).
The chargers are in relation to the case between Yama Security Services and MVIL, which the court had granted in favour of Yama Group of companies.
Maddison has denied the allegations, and is fighting the allegations in court.