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David Manning

POLICE have taken off the payroll 490 “unattached” officers as part of a clean-up process to make the law-enforcement agency more lean and efficient, an official says.
Police Commissioner David Manning said the objective was to be a fair and responsible employer and at the same time avoid carrying extra people in the payroll.
He said there were officers not attached to any police command but were still being paid.
They were taken off the payroll in the last pay.
“We have personnel who are collecting a salary and not earning it, who self-transfer at their own whim and then disappear, but are still being paid,” he said.
“So only those who HR (human resources) receives correspondence from their commanders confirming they are working in the command will be restored on the payroll.
“Those who are not claimed will not be included in the payroll.”
Comm Manning said the 1PPP (one person, one position, one pay) policy called for a “completely new way of managing our workforce”.
“It is a situation that I and my executive inherited but a situation that requires to be corrected,” he said.
“We continue to address these issues in our HR division.
“And the constabulary in its efforts to establish itself as a responsible and fair employer must also exercise duty of care to ensure we do not incur unnecessary budget blowouts due to carrying more people in our payroll beyond our personal emolument budget allocation.”
Comm Manning said that there were officers who did not have a position but were working – a “structure issue that we are working with the Department of Personnel Management to resolve through structure review steering committee”.
“The focus of this work will be to confirm the current operational structure through which we are delivering services to the people.”
Sources at police headquarters told The National that police commanders had been instructed to verify the employment status of 1,000 members and staff classified as unattached at the end of last year.
So far, 500 had been identified as working under a police command while some had died.
“The remaining 490 members were put off the payroll in the last pay,” a source said.


  • long overdue exercise, it is good news for hard working officers. to those who have been stealing from the police payroll, bad luck.

    • The boses are to be blamed and are the ones to be dealt with. No comand and control over their men/women when they go AWOL or self transfer they do nothing nothing at all. And also creation of a pool where unattached officers _ the over ranking officers or do not have comand of responsibilities or even unwanted are placed in getting salary for nothing free accommodations free services and so fort..even unproductive are in the position having free sweets.

  • Not just the unattached but what we the public also wanna see are removal of officers that caused public nuisance and perhaps less ethical in carrying out their duties..

  • Yes, it is the work of a honest person that we are now seeing as honest, diligent and competent person is at the helm of the RPNGC, because stealing is insane and laziness is insecurity that we would hardly take back PNG. In order to Take-Back-PNG, not only Police Force started doing it now but the Government should by now take the whole-approach to take review of the the entire public service system of this country and exterminate the theft, laziness and corruption for PNG’s progress and prosperities.

  • HR must keep proper record and data base for all serving members and the deceased as well and disciplinary action to be taken for those who break the law.

  • Good move commissioner. Tax payers money is being wasted on non performing officers and the move to put them off the payroll is timely in that an employee must work to earn an honest pay. Commissioner your decision is lauded by the tax payers.

  • Its about time Transparency and Accountability prevail in all Govt departments to weed out unwanted weeds ground and crippling the system. These unqualified and inexperience officers are liabilities to the Govt by not doing any Govt paid tasks, ol sa kism mani nating. If the police department has started scraping of ”unattached”officers from payroll what about other Govt departments . Thank you Police Comm David Manning for saving millions of kina for the police department. That’s the way forward for Good Governance and Its about time we act for the betterment of our country. The biggest slice of the National Budget is used for Public Servants Pay.

  • Police Commissioner ,How about discipline and physical fitness for your men? We need an active, physical and disciplinary police force. Your men need to do a lot of walking around instead of roaming around in ten seaters.

  • Am just wondering how many more public servants fall into the same category?
    You just save a 1/4 of a million Kina.

  • Good work PC. Remove extra unnecessary cops costing tax payers money for doing shit undisciplined jobs causing unnecessary grief to the innocent public and the state.

  • Well done ! The other departments need to do the same. There has to be 1 worker per position and they have to be properly qualified and meet the merits. Check the educational qualifications and experiences to ensure the right persons are engaged. Do as the company HR do for their recruitment drives. Remove those that are incompetent and replace with newer chaps that meet the criteria. The system of government is in place but it is the employees that are often at fault…….

  • Same thing must happen to all Government Departments. Some unattached officers are still being paid a and not doing any work staying at home.

  • David should also kick out those old people or those who are above 60 still occupying the space and fill those positions immediately with new young recruits.

  • i believe most of the government department are doing this.
    especially the education department, the teaching staff or the teachers most of them are on the payroll without preforming there actual duty

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