Police removes roadblock along Hiritano Highway


POLICE removed a roadblock along the Hiritano Highway set up to solve a three-year-old incident between two men from Gulf and Central, Kerema Police Station commander Snr Insp Michael Pakyei says .
“A man from Apanaipi village in Central set up the roadblock at the border of Gulf and Central provinces to demand K60,000 from a suspect from Gulf for allegedly injuring him with a knife in 2018,” he said.
“The suspect had borrowed tools from the man to fix his vehicle.
“However, the suspect didn’t return them resulting in a confrontation between them.”
Snr Insp Pakyei said the man from Apanaipi, Kairuku, asked the suspect to return his tools which the suspect objected and slashed him with a knife.
“The man then reported the matter to police in Central ,” he said.
Snr Insp Pakyei said Central police did not complete the investigation which led to the Apanaipi man taking matters into his own hands and blocking the highway since Feb 24 and collecting K200 from vehicles travelling to Kerema.
Snr Insp Pakyei said his men removed the roadblock on Wednesday after receiving complaints.
“We told the man that we will help him investigate the three-year-old complaint and we would work with Central police.”