Police reservists disarmed, slashed by security guards

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THREE reserve policemen were allegedly disarmed, slashed and injured by security guards minding a piece of land owned by an Engan man at Baruni village outside Port Moresby on Wednesday at around 5pm.
Idubada police post officer-in-charge Chief Sgt Yali Yanubagi said the three went to the village after receiving reports that fishing nets belonging to villagers were destroyed by the guards.
The three, Gomara Apa, Frank Haraka and Rahe Borema received wounds to their arms and their vehicle was damaged.
Chief Sgt Yanubagi said Apa and Haraka were hospitalised with wounds on their arms and heads.
He said a five-round grip-pump action pistol was taken from the policemen and destroyed but later returned to them.
“My policemen did not do anything, they were doing their job,” Chief Sgt Yanubagi said.
“We have arrested six of the guards and detained them at Badili police station.
But their supervisor already identified the men that were involved.”
Chief Sgt Yanubagi said Apa, Araka and Rahe had been in the police force since the 1991 Pacific Games.
Baruni ward member Edward Collett said the guards attacked a group of Baruni villagers who were casting their fishing nets near them. “The guards chased them back so some of them went and laid their complaints at Idubada police post while the others went back to confront the guards,” he said. Collett said clashes between villagers and people who bought land and settled there was an ongoing issue.


  • In the first place “who the hell is selling customary land??”
    And “why sell to a bloody Highlander???

    It’s common knowledge what this ‘animals’ will overwhelm your land!!!

    Mipela lo Sepik Province – em bai hard yah….mipela surikim ol igo pundaunim lo solwara!
    Bai yu no nap lukim wanpela Highlands kam mekim nabaut to Wewak/ Sepik!!

    • Papuans will sell anything to Highlanders for money. Their children, land, wives, and even their own backsides. Highlanders will sell the country out to anyone with more money.

    • Na sepik pulap lo olgeta hap ya ol mekim wanem stap..u mas stap lo wanla cave na tok2 sta. POM belongs to everyone for you sepiks, highlands, topras or whoever. Your statement here is a primitive in nature. The thing here is who is the source of the trouble..he or she needs to be put to law. Em tasol na bata mi atim u lik2 forgivm mi. Thanks.

      • No Batah You Wrong, Baruni is not for everyone, Baruni belongs only to the Baruni people. I think You need a Google Map installed somewhere on your forehead. Tell me how many Barunis live in Engan??? I Reckon You need to go repeat your University. Or are you from New York, Maybe Canada??

        • Common King, do you know how these ”outsiders” ended up there (Baruni) in the first place?

    • Sepik will be the last place highlanders will settle so shut your bloody pukpuk arse. But if they do decide to settle there to have access to the seaport, they will drive you to the sea or the sepik river first. Besides, sepiks have been jealous of the highlanders from day 1 since independence for reasons known to themselves!

    • My brother from Sepik. The fact is humans are also animals. The existence of all living things (including humans) is ruled by a law of nature which is called ”Survival of the Fittest”. If you can’t survive you become extinct (which is what will happen to some groups of people in PNG). You can not blame anyone else for your extinction but yourself for that.

    • My friend Mind your words.

      We are just another Human Beings like you. But remember we are all animals.
      How you evolve and adapt to time and changes around you will determine your survival.

  • It is time to retake Central and Port Moresby. Remember when Rigo came down to POM. Beware we will come again. This time no mercy

  • Do not sell customary land to outsiders.
    Innocent local people, women and children in particular will be at the mercy of aggressive outsiders!

  • Mistake number 1: You sold your birth right.
    Think before You Act.
    Your kids will become beggars and slaves on their own land or if worse comes to the worst, they will no land to build on (a stranger in their own land).

  • This part of Papuan people are selling the customary land of their birth right to anyone without duly consideration of whats gonna be like in future. Not long they themselves will treat them as second class of people and become foreigners to own very land. What causes them to sell their land is very pretty simple, they are very lazy and unreliable to inventive ideas on how to transform their land to some potential business activities. ” Kaikai na sleep stap nating em ol ya!!!….sermon on them. Salim olgeta ground go na one day bai upla kam antap lo highlands na woking mountain kako blo ol displa ol lain yupla salim ground go ol ya….funny lasi em bai some 20 to 40 yrs taim.

  • please I am from the Highlands but I would like to tell you those papuans who fall for cheap 1kina 2kina na salim giraun stap. port moresby is the city of everyone. yes that is very true. but if you still grip on to your customary land, you should consider yourselves very lucky and don’t sell your land to these highlanders.
    you must be very proud of that. dont be stupid and sell your land to the sweet talking highlanders who may provide you with loads of cash at the first place. be mindful, a first expression is just the cover.
    now Port Moresby is developing at a speedy rate, upla ol papa graun ya organise na registerim ol graun blo yupla na then bai upla leasim out lo ol developers. maski lonlon na tintin lo kaikai blo nau tasol. bai yupla karim pikinini tu or upla bai stap olsem na dai? tintin gud.
    salim graun lo ol man natin ya bai upla facim kain problem yet.
    upla yet tu sa stupid na salim graun lo ol wrong man na blamim mipla ol highlands natin ya maski. not all highlanders a as dumb and stupid like those bullying on you lots. so, skelim gut tintin, toktok na umi mekim samtin.

  • I am from Sepik and I see that the Papuans are the laziest people in the country. All they do is sell their daughters and live off the sales and grow their bellies. Those from within NCD and Central in close proximity to POM sell their land simply because they themselves can not make use of their land to make money. Come on people of Motu/Koita and Central, even if your land is arid and sub-Saharan, you can still think of something to do on your land instead of selling. When you finish selling your land, you will sell every female you have and become slaves!

  • They are making a lot more people but they are not making any more land. When humanity made their living scratching the dirt land was important, now it is education, skills, business, trade, manufacturing, etc.
    while stupid “mi papa bilong ground” parasites are fighting over some dirt their daughters are getting educated and making money and the Chinese are coming in and doing all the business and trade.
    Even mere cities like Singapore, London, New York with lots of population and no land are rich while PNG with it traditional wontok, papa ground, bik man, compensation, tribalism culture are backwards and in poverty.
    PNG will never develop until we get over the Customary Land Owner mentality where the lowest lazy drunkard bum can hinder development. until there is private ownership of land PNG will remain backward, or until Indonesia or China invades and takes over

  • It is more less a Biblical fulfillment, when Joseph landed in Egypt, no one knew who Joseph was, until the appointed time Came, King Pharaoh promoted him, cause of the dream interpretation, when the promotion was in his hand, poverty increased, Poverty increased to a peak where are forced to sell everything, when everything was sold, last thing left was the Land, Last decision was made to sell the last thing was the land, so they could become slaves. God is raising the Joseph’s of today, no man can not stop what God want to do in this nation,
    those who are to become slaves will become slaves, there is no option, the Lord is control because the Lord gave him the VISION Joseph……..

  • Let us offer constructive ideas for the sale of land to outsiders. Stop the emotions running high. I think the sale of land will not stop because of our illiteracy problem. People with money will still buy land from the uneducated simple people. Poor simple people need money to finance some things in their lives so they will continue to sell land. The important thing is land sellers must try to do research to know who they are selling their land to because
    as a seller and if you are going to live close-by, it will also affect you and your families.

  • Most tribal fighting s in the Highlands are for land dispute and also including some Coastal ares too. If you sell your land to someone, then that person becomes the owner. You have agreed to do so next thing you going to do is, you going to work for him.

  • Take Back PNG ………………………….. from whom ? yes from ourselves first and then from the foreigners.
    In this scenerion. Take back Baruni land from the Engans and Goilalas. How? Repay their moneys Simple as that.

  • Land is an asset which will reap long term benefits. leasing land or real estate properties is the way forward for traditional land owners to meet the growing demand for housing in our urban centres. Selling portions of land for a mere K20,000 is a terrible idea. What will become of your children and their children?

  • Mr. Lukime Bihain, Sepiks are Papua New Guinean Africans, ship igo Sepik ikam ship ikam sipik ikam..There’s nothing productive and attractive in sepik only bloody saksak na mosquito. usait like kaikai saksak na kamap also ol skil black, skin taight africans. Highlanders will beat you in all corners of life. you tok olsom because you jeles. Go to Morobe, go to Lae, Go to Kimbe and see uneducated Sepiks thriving to survive. There are like warriors from Zugu tribe in Africa.

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