Police say awareness vital to schools


Awareness on gender-based violence must be made in schools, the Family Sexual Violence Unit says
Chief Inspector Delilah Sandeka said it was pleasing to note that few schools were now teaching topics on gender-based violence to help students understand it and make informed decisions.
“I think schools are already developing curricula on gender-based violence which is good because it educates boys to behave in the future,” Sandeka said.
“Tomorrow, we will be dead and gone but these students will make sure that their children will be happy.
“Every day, we are bombarded with all kinds of situations, mostly from complaints by women.
“Parents must also guide their children to be good citizens.”
She said children had the right to grow up in a safe environment.
Sandeka said it was everyone’s responsibility to combat violence against men, women and children.
“When we play our part, our families and societies we will be able to minimise this and put an end to this eventually,” she said.
“We cannot go through the Family Sexual Violence Unit all the time to end this.
“We must be the change.”
Sandeka said some of the problems causing gender-based violence were extra marital affairs, lack of communication and alcohol abuse.