Police serious on ‘no tint’ rule

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POLICE officers still using marked police vehicles and other vehicles with tinted glass will be identified and suspended to explain why they are not following directives given by the police minister and the acting police commissioner (ACP).
ACP David Manning, pictured, said he had also reminded the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) operations Donald Yamasombi to take stock of the police vehicles and identify those that still had tinted glass.
“When the vehicles are identified, an explanation will be demanded from the drivers of that division why the tints were not removed,” he said.
“There are some vehicles that will have the tinted glass and those are vehicles from the criminal investigation division (CID).”
Manning said CID vehicles were exempted because witness of high–profile cases could be transported to give statements to police.
He said their identities needed to be protected which was why the vehicles are keeping their tints.
Manning said the directive had been issued and police officers had to comply.
He said it was all about the attitude of each individual to follow rules and obey orders and directives.
Manning also said that those who were defying orders would be suspended from duties and told to explain their actions.
He said the directive had been issued after concerns were raised on police officers travelling in unmarked tinted vehicles and committing acts of brutality against members of the public.


  • Please advise if this policy also applies to reservist or security personnel assisting police but using their own private vehicles. I am worried as some armed and driving around in personal tinted vehicles and performing duties that should only be performed by police. Such persons will only paint a bad picture for the police if not controlled.

    Concerned citizen.

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