Police set to recruit 200 from NGI

Islands, Normal

Story and picture by ROSELYN ELLISON

POLICE are on a recruitment drive to enlist 200 new personnel from the New Guinea Islands.
The Manus leg of the recruitment, where 40 were taken onboard for training, was completed last week. However, only 23 of the 35 recruits passed the tests.
Another 19 were recruited from New Ireland where the recruitment team was expecting to take on 40.
East and West New Britain provinces have each been earmarked for 60.
Assistant Commissioner of Police and the divisional commander for NGI, Francis Tokura, said the recruitment exercise for ENB was completed.
“For New Ireland province, we got only 19 applicants, the recruiting team will return to New Ireland on the April 18,” ACP Tokura said, adding that insufficient awareness had been carried out in NIP, unlike for ENB and Manus.
The 23 successful applicants from Manus will go through a physical fitness test and interview as part of the recruitment proccess. 
ACP Tokura called on all stakeholders to assist police with law and order issues, saying that law and order problems were the responsibility of everyone, not just police.
“We all need to work together to address the issue’.
“With the new pass-outs coming out from Bomana Police Training College, all stakeholders must assist the provincial police commanders to provide the logistic support,” ACP Tokura said. 
Acceptance letters to successful recruits would be issued over the next three weeks.