Police sign deal to open stations for NID work

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PEOPLE can register and be issued a national identity card at the main police stations around the country.
It follows the signing of an agreement by Police Commissioner Gari Baki, pictured, and acting Registrar-General of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry Michael Kuming in Port Moresby yesterday.
Kumung told The National that the agreement was important in efforts to roll out the NID registration project around the country.
“Our target is to register all citizens by 2021. One of the avenues we are emphasising to achieve that is through partnerships with the public and private sectors,” he said.
“All major police stations will become our point of NID registrations and collection of birth certificates and NID cards.”
He said the provincial NID offices would continue to function as normal.
Kumung said they would have offices at the main police stations that would be manned by NID officers.
Baki commended Kumung for the leadership he provided, descibing the partnership as ‘timely’.
He said he would issue a directive to all divisional commanders about the move.
Baki said all centres would provide security.

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