Police stations not safe: Bidar

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POLICE stations are not safe anymore as indicated by the recent alleged rape of a young woman by two policemen, a magistrate says.
Waigani Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar, pictured, said this yesterday when granting two police officers K1000 bail each for allegedly raping an 18-year-old while in custody at Hohola Police Station in Port Moresby on Jan 10 and 11.
The two policemen, Leo Kambao and Ben Trepi, were granted bail on conditions.
Bidar said the allegations involving Kambao happened on Jan 10, while allegations against Trepi happened on Jan 11.
“At about 9pm, the victim wounded another female and was detained at Hohola Police Station,” he said.
“The female cell block was condemned, so she was kept outside, but inside the vicinity of the police station.
“At about 10pm, Kambao was alleged to have asked the victim to go into the office, get a broom and sweep inside the office area.
“The victim followed him.
“When in the office, Kambao told the victim that her trouble was huge, and that she would go to Bomana or Boroko, ‘so to help you, listen to me and go inside the bathroom’.
“The victim resisted and screamed when Kambao squeezed her breasts with one hand and sexually penetrated her using his other hand.
“Kambao quickly told her to wear her shorts and he went into the bathroom and bathed.”
The victim went outside and reported everything to her husband.
Bidar said for Trepi’s case, police reports alleged that he also sexually penetrated the victim using his fingers the following day after threatening her with a knife.
He condemned the allegations, saying Trepi was was a Chief Sergent and had served the constabulary for 36 years.
Bidar said Kambao served for more than 23 years and should by now know what the responsibilities of being a police office were.
“Policemen’s sole responsibilities are to protect people with properties,” he said.
Bidar said Trepi had three other charges, including one of producing pornographic material, of him sexually penetrating another woman in his office.
The matter returns on Feb 28 for first mention.

One thought on “Police stations not safe: Bidar

  • This is very serious. It is obvious that they receive bribery from the complainant.
    Whether you are police man or whatever, you mistreating your mother or sister. There is no difference.
    You have born of a mother and sibling of a sister and married to a wife.
    Its an appeal to the police superiors that; when there is a detainee female police officers should be assigned for duty one way or the other.
    Female police officers should be guilty for the illtreatment on female detainees.
    Please.improve..the police service.

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