Police: Stop hiding criminals

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EAST Sepik police commander Supt Albert Beli is warning people harbouring criminals and those accused of crimes such as murder and labelled them as threats in communities.
He issued the warning after police torched several houses at a village in the Turubu area last week.
A spokesperson told The National that a mobile squad went to his village and set fire to five houses and a canteen among others.
He added that the properties were owned by innocent villagers and not those wanted suspects.
But, Supt Beli yesterday explained that police in the province, including the mobile squad, had made several calls earlier for locals in Turubu to surrender suspects allegedly involved in a murder case last year.
He said the community failed and continue to harbour the suspects.
These suspects were allegedly involved in the murder of a father and son last November after being accused of practising sorcery.
Supt Beli said: “A pregnant woman from Turubu died while being rushed to the hospital.
“The family suspected she died from sorcery and killed a man and his son instead of waiting for a doctor from the hospital to confirm.
“The situation became tense.
“Police have been looking for the suspects.
“No one from the village came forward to report. Twice, we called on families of suspects to have them surrendered.
“Last week, the mobile squad, while doing their job, went in and destroyed dwelling places of suspects and arrested their parents.
“Those people who claimed they are innocent but their properties destroyed must report to us.”

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