Police task force for Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

AS a policeman and a Jiwakan, I would like to suggest that the K1 million given to police in the province by the NEC on Jiwaka day, be used to set up a police task force unit in the proposed province.
We need such a task force to curb lawlessness, drug, homebrew, illegal liquor outlets from popping up like mushrooms, especially in Minj area, and other illegal activities.
One good example is the recent car accident, which claimed the lives of two people, involving an MP’s electoral officer.
When such accidents happen, properties are razed by relatives of the victims.
The local police are ill-equipped and by the time police units in Hagen arrive, they are too late to do anything.
Let’s be realistic, police mobile units in Hagen are all engaged in the LNG project.
The only police task force unit based in Hagen cannot be everywhere at any one time.
As such, I strongly urged JTA chairman Philip Kapal and his executives make a proper use of the K1 million by setting up a police task force unit for Jiwaka and improve police logistics and welfare of policemen and women in the region and to prepare for 2012 elections so we are ready when we become a province.