Police tell: We arrest people to stop crime


POLICE arrest people to either save them from getting into trouble or stop them from creating problems in public, Port Moresby Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou says.
He explained to nine men arrested during a police patrol on Friday night at Gerehu for drinking in a public place that many times the public did not understand the reasons for such arrests.
“We arrested you all because firstly you have broken the country’s law to drink in public places,” he told them.
He explained that when they were drunk and were not in their premises, the risk of them becoming exposed to danger were twice as much as being at their homes in the late hours.
“You may also be vulnerable to create trouble and social issues in public so that is the reason why we arrest you.”
N’Dranou said people also needed to be educated on how to consume alcohol.
“It seems as though many of our people do not know how to take alcohol and behave themselves.”
Police also arrested the owner of a liquor shop who was operating late into the night on Friday.
“If you are a licensed operator, the required timing for operation is 8am to 4pm,” N’Dranou said.
N’Dranou warned other liquor shop operators in the city to adhere to the rules as their licences could cancelled.