Police to arrest murder suspect

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

POLICE in Kimbe, West New Britain, are yet to arrest a suspect who allegedly murdered a man from East Sepik last week.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Police – New Guinea Islands Chief Supt Paul Kamuai said police reports from Kimbe indicated that they were yet to make an arrest.
He said briefs from police commander Supt Jim Namora did not indicate any settlement or compensation payment to the victim’s family.
Police said the murder of the man identified as Peter Homoli from East Sepik on June 26 resulted in an ethnic clash between East Sepiks and Engans in Kimbe last week.
Namora said it was alleged that the family of the deceased was responsible for the wilful murder of a school teacher in 2014.
Namora said Homoli walked into “Wabag City,” on July 26 under the influence of alcohol and enquired about a recent minor incident involving another man from East Sepik. Namora said the father of the late teacher was sitting in front of his store drinking alcohol with another man.
According to Namora, Homoli approached the suspect and demanded K10,000 from him as compensation.
The victim was demanding K10,000 from the store keeper when the suspect “swung the knife” at the victim’s head.
A doctor from Kimbe General Hospital, who was  at the scene following the incident, confirmed the cause of death.
Police are now searching for a man identified as Walio Laialam for questioning.
Police said 17 homes and 12 trade stores were burnt down during the clash last week.
Kamuai said there were no more fights and Kimbe town was now peaceful with business as usual but police  still were monitoring the situation in town.