Police to crack down on riots

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NATIONAL Capital District police will be out in full force to crack down on any planned riots from occurring during the festive period.
NCD police chief of operations, Supt Andy Bawa and Governor Powes Parkop have assured Port Moresby residents in a joint media conference at the Boroko police station yesterday.
They said they were aware and prepared to take on all trouble makers.
The two men made it clear to the media personnel that they would not allow unnecessary disruptions to services in the city during the festive season and that lives and property would be protected at all cost.
The media conference was arranged to comment on an anonymous email that had been extensively circulated in the country for several months warning all Asian-owned businesses to close shop by Dec 31.
Mr Parkop assured  residents, including expatriates, that there was a contingency plan in place which would be activated if there was a need.
However, he did not elaborate.
He said he believed that there was “an individual or a minority group” creating anxiety among the people, both locals and foreigners, and did not have the best interest of the people at heart.
Mr Parkop reminded residents that there were proper channels and appropriate offices where they could lodge their grievances and complaints instead of issuing threats against certain sections of the community, notably Asians, who were guest in the country, and their businesses.
 “Let us not blame others for our own shortcomings and failures.”
Mr Parkop said if Papua New Guineans wanted to do business then it was up to them to rise up and make it happen, “not take out their anger on Asians”.
He also reminded those concerned that Asians had come to PNG at the invitation of the Government who had issued them valid work permits and visas to remain and work in the country.
Supt Bawa reiterated Mr Parkop’s call, reassuring Asians to continue with their businesses come Dec 31.
He said police were gathering intelligence information and were continuing investigations to establish who was responsible for the offending email.
Supt Bawa also said that police strength would be beefed up with assistance from the youths in NCDC, who will be on the ground to support police in this particular operation.
Mr Parkop also added that no public procession would be allowed unless it was authorised by himself, Supt Bawa and the acting city manager.