Police to end used car imports

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COMPANIES and individuals who are importing reconditioned cars are urged to stop what they are doing as road accidents involving these type of cars are high, NCD OIC traffic Snr Insp Michael Kanguma said.
Kanguma said too many cars on the road had resulted in a high number of accidents reported in the NCD over the years.
He said the existing road networks in the city were too small and could not cater for the increasing number of vehicles being imported into the city.
“Importing and buying cars through the internet must stop now,” Kanguma said.
“This is because roads are getting smaller and accidents are happening frequently,” he added.
He said too many cars on the road had made the work of traffic police harder as the traffic police were understaffed and under-resourced.
Kanguma said that since most imported vehicles were reconditioned, there were questions as to whether or not the cars were mechanically fit and roadworthy to travel on roads. 
He said it was a serious matter that authorities and planners including all other stakeholders involved should come together and address it.
Kanguma said politicians and the public must not point fingers at the police but must also shoulder the blame for negligence.