Police to probe claims of officers selling materials

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The National, Friday 26th April 2013

 LAE police will investigate claims that officers are selling building materials from the condemned Bumbu barracks.

The officers are reported to be selling materials such as old roofing irons to people living in nearby settlements without the knowledge of authorities.

Lae police metropolitan commander Supt Iven Lakatani said, although he had not been told of the illegal sales conducted by his officers, there would be an investigation.

“This is an internal matter and I need to communicate with the officer in-charge of the barracks and conduct internal investigations to verify the facts as most of the buildings have been demolished three years ago,” he said

“Bumbu barracks was condemned a long time ago (2010) and I am not aware about the arrangement to demolish and dispose of the condemned building materials.”

A police source said the buildings had been condemned by health and building authorities as unfit for human habitation.

“It means all materials are no longer usable,” the officer said.