Police told to follow law

National, Normal

The National – Monday, June 27, 2011

MINISTER for Internal Security Mark Maipakai has warned the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary rank and file to strictly comply with the Police Act.
Maipakai made the statement in reply to a series of questions without notice from the Member for Anglimp-South Waghi Jamie Maxtone-Graham and the Member for Moresby Northeast Andrew Mald.
Both MPs were concerned that members of the police force were colluding with criminals to hijack cars while police uniforms were being cheaply sold at second-hand clothing shops.
“It is strictly a requirement that certified standard uniforms are worn at all times of duty by all policemen and women,” Maipakai said.
“In no uncertain terms can other forms of uniforms be worn.
“The uniform qualifies for authority and the standing of a policeman or a woman.”
He said the Chinese government would fund the supply for new uniforms.
Maipakai and Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie have been invited to visit China to facilitate the arrangement.
He said this was welcoming news for the police who would get new uniforms where “there is a need for it”.
Maipakai said that if there were abnormalities, irregularities or bad practice by the police, “it should be reported to the police public complaints so that their conduct is investigated and appropriate action be taken”.
“There is no place for bad police and its network.
“There is no place for crime in the police force,” he said.