Police told to stay out of electoral process

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The National, Thursday July 12th, 2012

POLICE officers providing security during elections in the Gulf province have been told that disciplinary action will be taken against those involved in the counting of votes.Gulf election operation manager, Supt Norman Kambui warned the officers yesterday during a parade.“Always remember that this election is the property of the electoral commission. We are here only to assist the electoral commission.“You are not to be seen involved in the counting process. You are there to provide security for the counting. “You only take part when the returning officer asks you to do so otherwise you are there to ensure security for the counting,” Kambui said.He also warned those not on counting deployment to stay out of the counting area or face disciplinary action too.He urged the people to respect the electoral process.“We started the elections off peacefully therefore we must maintain that. “Be glad that we are not like other parts of the country that have seen and faced violence during the campaign and polling period.“I want candidates and scrutineers to also cooperate with us.”He also told police officers on duty not to turn up drunk or consume alcohol.Kambui said anyone seen consuming alcohol during the election would be arrested and locked up.He said there was a liquor ban in the province.