Police top brass told not to meddle with court

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The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013


Western Highlands district magistrate Jeremiah Singomat has called on the police commissioner, his deputy and other senior offices not to interfere with any case before the courts.

Singomat said this yesterday in the Mt Hagen District Court after seeing a 15-page letter from the office of the deputy police commissioner, operations, regarding the delay in serving a court summons to Treasury Minister and Kandep MP Don Polye for alleged possession of firearms.

The letter allegedly asked the court do away with the case but Singomat called on police not to interfere with the case.

“This letter has no author and dates so I do not know why the Police Department is so interested in it,” Singomat said.

“This is my court and my business and not a police matter so I do not want police to interfere with any case before the court.” 

Singomat said police could not use such tactics to withdraw the case because once it was registered it became a court matter.

A police team had obtained a summons against Polye after searching one of his homes in Jiwaka on October 4 last year and found firearms and ammunition.

Singomat ordered police investigators Ronny Mitau and Michael Wells to write affidavits and explain why the case was not going ahead.

“The court does not happen that way where police using tactics to make this case go without judgment.”

Singomat said as long as he was in charge the case would go ahead until a judgment was made.

He asked why the summons had not been served on Polye, adding he would not allow police to withdraw the case.

“No man is above the law, including the police and political leaders, and once a case is registered it has to proceed.”