Police trespassed during eviction


THE public needs to know that the court-sanctioned eviction at Garden Hills settlement covered the front two allotments (Portion 389 Allotments 5 and 6), which a church association has the title over.
Beyond the hill and further up is Portion 389 Allotment 2, which is the old city dump.
It is currently unzoned and is in the custody of the National Capital District Commission.
The eviction was enforced with the full force of the police force with threats and intimidation and the police trespassed into an unauthorised allotment.
The dwellers on allotment (2) have been in dialogue with the National Capital District governor’s office for the last six years about plans to advance suburban status for this allotment in line with the city’s settlement to suburban plans.
Governor Powes Parkop has been supportive all along and it this is still in the city’s plans.

POM City