Police uncover stash of drugs, suspects arrested


MEMBERS of the National Drugs and Vice Squad returned to the besieged Marawaka block at 8-Mile settlement in Port Moresby and uncovered a large stash of cannabis buried in the ground inside a makeshift shelter yesterday.
Police in a statement, said on March 15, members of the NCD Fox unit picked up a suspect at Gerehu who led them to the location.
Police said while searching for contraband, three policemen were attacked and a police-issued firearm was stolen.
The next day, police reinforcements went into the settlement, recovered the stolen firearm and arrested 20 suspects allegedly involved in the attack.
“45 rounds of 9mm bullets and some cannabis were recovered in a makeshift shelter in this particular raid. However, members of the Drugs and Vice Squad acting on information returned to the settlement yesterday morning, searched thoroughly and dug up the rest of the contraband,” a police statement said.
Police said three suspects connected to this bust were arrested, detained and were facing drug-related charges. Detectives said the dried marijuana plants packed in plastic wrappings were brought from Garaina in the Morobe province by foot and then onto Port Moresby.
Police said the confiscated drugs could fetch up to K100,000 on the streets of Port Moresby or more if smuggled out of the country. Police investigations are continuing.

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