Police urged to carry out duties despite issues


CULTURE and Tourism Minister and Kokopo MP Emil Tamur told a divisional police parade that he will continue to support the force in Kokopo.
He said police were lacking financial support and police personnel for their daily operations and it was something for the government to address.
“In order for the country to proceed and have good building of infrastructure and economic activities, we need law and order and you police personnel are very important,” Tamur told the policemen and women gathered.
He told them that even though there was no funding, they should continue with their jobs because it was why they had taken the oath to serve.
“It is good that New Guinea Islands under the leadership of assistant commissioner Anthon Billie is leading the way,” Tamur said.
“We have to look for various steps and strategies forward as well.”
Billie said despite the lack of resources and manpower in previous years, they still managed to serve the government of the day in terms of maintaining law and order.
“We face a lot of law and order problems because of lack of logistics and funding and lack of persons on the ground,” Tamur said.
The main topic for the accompanying conference was based on planning and how to deliver effective services.
Billie announced the strategic plan for 2019 would be launched in the province by Commissioner Gari Baki.
Tanmur urged the police to build good relationship with people and communities and assist them instead of ignoring them.
He said many people in his district distrusted police and tended to run away when they saw police approaching.
“People are afraid of police for no reason,” Tamur said.
“When they see a police vehicle, they run away.
“Our people have also lost trust in the police force due to its slowness in response.” Tamur urge police officers to go into the community and work with members of the community through the community policing concept.
He said there was a need for awareness about law and order problems and its implications on the nation’s development at the community level.
“I urge us all to work together,” Tamur said.
“Addressing law and order problems should be teamwork.”

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