Police useless against unruly mob

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The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

KOMO-Margarima MP Francis Potape was attacked by the people of Margarima on the morning of New Year at the Margarima station.
At exactly 1.12pm on Jan 1, he flew to the station on a helicopter with his child and wife and was escorted to the new unfinished District office complex by Dorika Pole, a local leader.
His intention was to give a little speech to his mud-covered people enjoying their New Year festivity. But as it turned out, one of the local youths, Luke Elawi, argued with the MP about where his administrator Tumbi Yaru was.
As the argument heated up, the police tried to stop the crowd which retaliated and started throwing stones and sticks at the MP and his so-called leaders in the building. The MP left for Tari during the upheaval
The Margarima police unit suffered from both psychological and physiological trauma and deprivation.
Long years of neglect and suffering have made them realise that no government was on their side unless the leaders’ intention was one of self-interest.
The saying that “police is your friend” makes no meaning to an average Margarima villager because they do not respect the police.
In my mind, I felt sorry for the Margarima police who do not have a motor vehicle or firearms from their leaders to protect the leaders and the community.

Margarima Igini
Via email