Police vehicles run out of fuel

Lae News, Normal

Police in Lae have been operating without fuel and concerned businesses in Lae have had to chip in to assist.
President of Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Alan McLay said yesterday he was unsure as to whether funding from police headquarters for fuel had been released but confirmed that the situation came to a point where the chamber of commerce had to assist because police vehicles would have been immobile otherwise.
In the chamber of commerce’s weekly update last week, he notified members that fuel was purchased for police for the weekend while police headquarters came good with payment for outstanding bills.
McLay said that they did not want to have a situation where trouble was happening and police could not attend because of lack of fuel
for their vehicles.
He advised businesses needing police assistance to notify them that LCCI had paid for fuel for operational vehicles at the weekend.
In a communiqué to businesses in Lae yesterday, McLay also warned that there was an upsurge in hold-ups and criminal activities in the miles areas and cautioned those travelling or moving around the area to take extra precautions.