Police waiting for Evara report


Investigations into the cause of death of former Post-Courier business editor Rosalyn Albaniel Evara is continuing, Criminal Investigation Division Chief Sergeant Ulagish Mantu says.
Mantu told The National that the CID was still awaiting a copy of the final report of the autopsy from the doctor concerned.
He said police had statements from witnesses and Evara’s husband also provided one.
“The investigation is continuing. We’re gathering all the witnesses’ statements. We started off with the relatives of the Albaniel family and we’ve got statements from witnesses at the Post-Courier compound in Boroko (where Avara lived),” Mantu said.
“We are still waiting for one of the witnesses, the one who took her to the hospital after she returned from Kavieng.
“We are also waiting for a statement from a witness from the National Fisheries Authority who she travelled with to Kavieng.”
Evara, 41, died on Oct 15 at the Port Moresby General Hospital. A death certificate showed that she was brought to the hospital after she had collapsed that afternoon. She had been complaining of headaches the previous day.
An aunt produced pictures of her body during her church service showing injuries and bruises.
Mantu said they had gathered most of the information from witnesses and it was coming to a close.
He said they were still waiting for the full autopsy report from the doctor.
“We have not been given a copy. We need to have a look at the report and make adjustments,” Mantu said.
“I heard that the full autopsy report was given to the coroner because it’s a sensitive issue.
“We will go through the report and decide whether to refer the case to the coroner or take further action.”
Mantu said the CID has also received a statement from Evara’s husband and they had looked at it.
“If the coroner has received the report then he should give me a copy and I’m still waiting for that,” Mantu said.
“If we do not see anything coming from the coroner then we might call him up to get a copy or we will call up the doctor.
“All we need right now is to see the copy of the autopsy report.”
PNG’s chief pathologist Dr Seth Fose had carried out the autopsy and submitted his preliminary report to the corona a few days later.
It is understood that the final report will be released soon.