Police want clans to make peace

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013


FIGHTING between two clans in Kagua in Southern Highlands, has stopped following lengthy peace negotiations.

Eastern end police commander Insp Mack Hanema said  police and peace and good order committees visited the fighting area since last Saturday to negotiate for peace and   an agreement was finally reached.

He said two members of the  Kambia and Wambea clans in Katiloma had several gunshot wounds and  critical injuries.

Hanema appealed to the nine council ward leaders not to aggravate the fight but negotiate for peace and do public awareness.

He said several houses were burnt and women and children, who had taken  shelter in the nearby bushes, were gradually moving  into their homes.

He said the situation was still tense even though there was peace  but there was a need  for  logistic support from the Southern Highlands provincial government and Kagua administrations.

Hanema said he had already done peace agreement papers for the  clans to sign to stop the fight.

He appealed to local MP James Lagea to assist them with  foods, vehicles and money to negotiate for peace.