Police want ‘missiles’ removed

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POLICE in East Sepik are urging the business community, especially liquor retailers, to remove bottled liquor from shelve and restrict their sales as they are increasingly being used as weapons.
The provincial executive council in a 2017 decision had banned the sale of bottled beer as they were being used as weapons in drunken brawls.
Speaking as deputy chairman of the liquor licensing board in East Sepik yesterday, police commander Supt Albert Beli said: “My appeal to the business houses in Wewak is to stop selling bottled beer.
“The provincial government had banned the sale of a particular bottled beer earlier but we still see other bottled liquor on shelves.
“People, especially those who are drunk, by way of disposing are smashing them onto the main roads which is not safe for the public. Police will issue notices to the retail outlets this week to remove the bottled beers, I will not wait for town authorities.”


  • No! Not to the retail outlets! You talk to SP Brewery in PNG to stop manufacturing the Bottled Beer instead of going to the people. Thats more professional.

    While it is good common sense to stop bottled liquor, it is not professional to stoping ordinary people to stop selling them. You can only go to the brewer to stop it.

  • Change of attitudes is vital here We are living in a modern age and our way of doing things including drinking, arguing etc. must reflect a person who is civilized. Stop asking business houses to do your job my good PPC be innovative and visionary.

  • Former Madang Governor Jim Kas put a stop to all sales of bottle beers in Madang. Years on and no more bottle beers in all outlets including hotels and restaurant.

    You should follow suit.

  • Yeah………….stop the brewer from bottling beer and start canning all beer and other alcohol products that come under a certain size. Make it into law!

  • Get the Governor to give the instructions from the top, as political head of the Province.

  • Whether it’s beer or other hard stuff, all sold in bottles must be banned, as they are used by drunkards and hooligans to show of their unsubstantiated pride.

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