Police warn against gun smuggling during poll

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

ACTING Chimbu police commander Supt Albert Beli has warned candidates intending to contest next year’s general election to refrain from smuggling guns into the province.
Beli told The National yesterday that police in the province were looking forward to the general election.
“Elections are a time for excitement and we will have both good and bad things happening,” Beli said.
“And under the constitution, people will have to elect their leaders by exercising their democratic rights without fear or favour.
“I heard stories of certain individuals smuggling guns into the province and even into the highlands.
“And if there’s anybody doing that, they need to stop it right away because once you are caught, you will be locked up and you will not have the chance to contest.”.
He said police officers were already on alert.
“We have intelligence officers keeping their eyes and ears open in the province as well as the highway so I am warning the public to refrain from such activities,” Beli said.
“We will be doing awareness on these issue.
“We have already conducted several meetings with election managers in the province.
“When funds are available, a series of awareness will be carried out in the districts.
“I am appealing to the people to respect the democratic rights of others.
“We urge the public to report to us if they have any information about such activity (gun smuggling) and their identity will be protected.”