Police warn of hiding escapees


EAST New Britain police have reminded the people that harbouring escapees is a crime.
More than two weeks after 41 prisoners fled from the Kerevat jail in Gazelle district, the special joint operation by the police and Correctional Service officers had only recaptured 12.
Acting police commander Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali said some of the information received from the public were not reliable.
“When we react to the information given to us and hit those places, the escapees are not there,” he said.
“I am informing communities in ENB that these prisoners are very dangerous and are high-risk. If you are feeding them and giving them shelter, I am telling you now that enough is enough.
“If we have information that anybody is harbouring them, we will have you arrested and charged and locked up because harbouring prisoners and escapees is against the law.
“I am appealing again to people of ENB to give the right information so that we can recapture the escapees.”
Tabali said he was confident the people of ENB respected the law and would assist police by providing the right and reliable information to recapture the escapees.
“I know people have information but are reluctant to give information and I appeal to them to cooperate with police.”
He said the festive police operations would be rolled out but for residents to enjoy a trouble-free festive season, they must cooperate with police to recapture the escapees.