Police warn settlers to abide by law or return home

Chris Kunyanban

LAE Met Supt Chris Kunyanban is warning people of Kubalia, Yangoru and Wosera living on Back Road in Lae to abide by the laws or pack up and leave for their homes in East Sepik.
Chief Supt Kunyanban also told landowners of Kamkumung and other Ahi villages to identify those who had been causing problems constantly in those areas and recommend they leave.
“Police will work closely with you landowners to have these people vacate the land as this is customary land and whoever that does not abide by the law has to simply vacate the land and leave,” he told the landowners.
The warning from Chief Supt Kunyanban came on Friday in a meeting at the Somu Sigob police building with community leaders from Kubalia, Yangoru and Wosera as well as Ahi landowners after a fight last week in which two men from Wosera were killed at the Back Road area.
Police are investigating.
He told the leaders that the problem was created among their people and they should take the lead to solve the it and police would help.
“Sepiks, you are not the only people living in this place and this is not your land, there are people from different areas living here and police will tender its services for the benefit of all and not confined to a single group of people,” Chief Supt Kunyanban told the community leaders.
The meeting was told that the latest unrest among three groups of people in Lae was a separate matter.