Police warned not to entertain extortion


POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has warned officers to remain neutral and fair and not to condone people attempting to extort money from others.
Baki made the directive following a recent incident in Hela where people from Poroma hijacked 10 trucks and a vehicle belonging to Trans Wonderland in an attempt to force people from Angore to pay a K3 million compensation claim for a relative killed in a car accident three years ago.
Baki said police should not compromise their integrity and must remain neutral when dealing with such highly sensitive and volatile issues.
He said police should have properly investigated the road accident three years ago and made arrests. If the driver was found to be negligent then he should have been charged accordingly.
“Police action must take place regardless of whether compensation will be paid or not,” Baki said.
Baki said police officers should immediately retrieve the vehicles from Poroma and arrest those who hijacked them.
A man from Poroma died when he was run over by a vehicle driven by someone from Angore.
In a meeting in Tari in April, the Angore people accepted responsibility and offered to pay K100,000, two cassowaries and 85 pigs as compensation.
However, the people from Poroma refused to accept that and demanded K3 million. “This is extortion must not be entertained,” Baki said.