Police warns public not to harbour criminals

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The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014

 COMPENSATION payments and people harbouring criminals hinder efforts to tackle law and order problems, police said.

Western Highlands provincial police commander Superintendent Martin Lakari said this during a radio talk-back show in Mt Hagen on the law and order situation there.

Lakari said law and order problems in the province and the country would be reduced if people stopped protecting  offenders but take them to the police.

He said law and order was not the sole responsibility of the police.

“For instance during a killing near Mt Hagen hospital late last year, the community was reluctant to handover the suspects to police despite many requests I made,” he said.

He also said the province needed more police officers because the current ratio of one officer to 5000 people was too high.

Lakari said community leaders must educate the people to maintain order and to respect the law.

He said if the youths were causing law and order problems, then the government at all levels must empower young people with skills to enable them to earn their living in an honest way.

Community representative Micheal Pundia said leaders were not working with the police to address the law and order problems.

“In any civilised nation, leaders have concern for their people and give  priority to law and order.