Police working outside jurisdiction

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 THIS refers to the police officers (sometimes not even in uniform) who show up at people’s (expatriates) houses and de-mand to see work permits, passports and visas. 

It is interesting to know that most of these police officers do not even know what a work permit or visa looks like.  

They drive into your premises and then say: “We want to see your passport, your work permit and your visa.” 

This happens because such officers are used by their close friends who buy them a few bottles of beer and then tell them to go and threaten an expatriate who they do not see eye to eye with. 

The actions of these officers violate someone’s basic right to live in peace. 

Many expatriates have lived here for more than 20 years and have never once had a quarrel with a Papua New Guinean.

Firstly, I know that these officers are out of their jurisdiction.

They are not immigration officers and should not be going around threatening peace-loving and law abiding citizens. 

Secondly, I believe it is the work of the Immigration Department to call in the police if they suspect someone of being an illegal immigrant, an overstayer or working without a permit. 

Can the police commissioner and the director of immigration come out and make a joint statement on this? 

Can the police commissioner also let the public know where to report these rogue officers if they are found to be doing this without any legal jurisdiction? 

Please do something about these officers, as these are the few who are giving a bad image constabulary.


Concerned Expatriate

Port Moresby