Police worried as violence in Lae risks public safety


POLICE are concerned about public safety in Lae, especially of school children and workers, in light of the recent violence in the city.
Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said an example was a fight last week between two groups which affected the movement and safety of children, workers and market vendors. The fight was over the repatriation of a man killed a week ago.
“A disagreement led to a confrontation which saw a man from East Sepik killed. Those implicated in the killing have been arrested, charged and remanded at Buimo prison,” Wagambie said.
He said that last Sunday, when the two groups again met to sort out the repatriation and funeral expenses, another fight broke out. It resulted in another man from East Sepik killed.
Wagambie went to the compound on Monday morning to talk to the people there.
“I am appealing for peace to prevail among the people. Two wrongs will not make a right. Fighting in this case will not solve anything,” he said.
He said those involved must think of the women and children living in the area.
“The majority of the people living in that section of Lae city are working-class people,” he said.
“There must be cooperation from both side. Let us bring back normalcy.”
He said criminal matters should be left with the police to deal with.