Police yet to get info on death


ACTING deputy Police Commissioner Donald Yamasombi is yet to get an official report on the killing of a geologist from Enga on Bougainville.
And he has urged people to stop spreading false news about the incident on social media.
“I’m yet to receive an official report from the Bougainville Police Service Commander Francis Tokura,” he said.
“And I’m calling on the public to refrain from spreading exaggerated information on social media and allow police investigation to continue.
“This is now a police matter and I believe relatives of the late geologist are now on Bougainville working with the Autonomous Bougainville Government to repatriate the body to Port Moresby.”
Geologist Terry Win Kilya was from Tsak valley in Wapenamanda, Enga.
He worked for the Kalia Mining Ltd and was doing field work in Tinputz, Bougainville.
He was allegedly been killed by landowners last Friday.
Tokura said earlier that they were awaiting a post-mortem report.
“But there are bruises on his body indicating that there was a physical struggle,” he said.
“From reports we are getting, some disgruntled landowners attacked him and other workers.
“The other workers sustained serious body wounds and are admitted at the hospital.”
Tokura said the incident happened at an exploration site called Melelup.


  • Please Bougainville police do something and arrest those murderers, my fellow country man is just doing his job, why people do this to him. We are good people but can do anything the other way.

  • Gentlemen please AROB is a hot spot for mining activities, whether its Kalia mining Ltd, CRA, BCL or whoever please keep out! You look for trouble you will get it.

  • The signs in Bougainville are so evident. They will never have peace ever. Whether they break away from PNG which is Constitutionally impossible, or stay with PNG, under greater autonomy, they will always be at war with themselves. The north verses south and the east versus west and vise versa. They have lost it. An innocent professional soul who is loved by his family back in Enga has become victim of this anger and hate red in all people in Bougainville. To the National Parliament of PNG, just ignore this latest referendum results. Our Constitution does not allow for any province to break away from PNG. Period.

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