Police, you have become the problem


IT would be interesting to know the operational orders for the police mobile squad that went and burned down homes at the Daga/Lavora Compound on Sept 2.
The squad commander, the police commander or the Alotau MP can tell us.
All they need to do is go on air using NBC’s Radio Milne Bay, the Voice of Kula, to tell us. Or do some awareness.
This is important because the inexplicable destruction of the homes and property makes one wonder if the police have unlimited powers to do as they please under the guise of a law and order operation.
What was the immediate law and order situation at 3am on Sept 2 that led to the harassment of the owners and the burning down of their homes?
Also, people are rudely and harshly questioned outside their homes just for relaxing there; many are just stopped while walking along the road and similarly treated.
What wrong have they done, (police) mobile squad commander, for you to do that?
There is no curfew in Alotau town. Acting like thugs, it is no wonder people are scared to co-operate with your squad.
The real criminals are watching and laughing at you while you are terrorising the innocent people.
You say you are here to restore peace and law and order but you have become the problem yourselves.
What are you going to do about the innocent people whose lives you have destroyed?
Or is this not of concern to you because the State will pay?
Already some government assistance has been provided.
Private assistance from charitable persons and groups have also dug into their pockets to assist.
Do you find this amusing so you enjoy causing the situation?
Heartless and conniving, you are.
We ask the same questions of those who brought you here and those whom you are associated with in Alotau.
We hear the landowners are involved, getting you to clear the settlers off their lands.
Have you become a Force for hire? We sincerely hope that this is just a rumour.
The bottom line is that if you treat people with disrespect, you will get no support.
Police commissioner and Minister for Police, the authorities, you are urged to commission an investigation immediately and to deal with the culprits, if and when confirmed, decisively and swiftly.
Please investigate without further delay.

Feeling Victimised


  • Ruthless thugs with no control by their superiors. It seems nobody wants to take ownership of situation like this and just makes you wonder if we are heading into a totalitarian state. Police hierarchy please take control and provide some answers for the victims. PNG is listening.

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