Policeman let me down at Boroko

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 21, 2011

 ALLOW me air my frustration about a policeman on duty at Boroko police station.

On Sunday morning, Jan 17, at around 7am I was assulted by my husband. 

I called Meri Seif Haus several times but the number kept ringing out so I decided to run to Boroko police station because I just live around the bend.

With a badly cut finger, a swollen face, a swollen back and my whole clothes stained with blood I approached the counter, still crying from all the pain. 

A policeman approached while chewing his betelnut, with no concern on his face and asked me what my problem was. 

I told him my husband had belted the hell out of me and that I wanted police to go and arrest him. 

He told me he won’t arrest him until I produce a medical certificate. 

I could not believe that with all the physical evidence right there and then, he could not assist me. 

So I went back to my house and to my abusive husband.

I am still nursing my sores while my husband is walking around a free man.



Victim of domestic violence

Port Moresby