Policemen suspended

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The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

THREE policemen who were involved in the assault of a primary school head teacher on Monday were suspended yesterday, National Capital District police operations chief Andy Bawa said.
Bawa said all three, from the Hohola police station in Port Moresby, were suspended for 21 days with pay while police conduct an investigation.
“I have instructed the police station commander Snr Insp Sailes Waiyagure to suspend them and commence an investigation.”
He declined to release their names, saying the three were yet to be arrested and charged.
“I will give you their names once they are charged,” he said.
Bawa admitted Hohola police station had a bad record in NCD and he had made numerous changes to the police station commanders but  is yet to see an improvement.
“The police force has no space for rogue officers.
“I want the public to know that the actions of one policeman do not represent the whole police force.”
He said if investigations revealed that the officers were guilty of the offence, appropriate criminal and disciplinary charges would be slapped on them.
“This serves as warning to other officers not to commit such a offence – enough is enough.”
Meanwhile, the head master
of Laloki High School Yori Sutherland yesterday said any disciplinary actions taken
against a student by the school
or a head teacher is for the
good of the school and the student.
“Disciplinary actions and enforcement of rules is to make the student a better person in the future,” Sutherland claimed.
He said wearing school uniforms was important because it identified a person as a student.
“If he or she is in trouble and wears a uniform, chances of getting help is great because people will identify the person as a student,” he said.
Sutherland said he had suspended the daughter of a policeman two weeks ago for breaking a school rule but the officer was matured and accepted the school’s decision.