Policemen urged to refocus

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The National- Monday, January 24, 2011


THERE is a need to emphasise that the police are committed to serving the people, a national judge has said.

New Ireland resident judge Panuel Mogish said this last Friday during the New Guinea Islands Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) parade at the divisional headquarters in Ralum, Kokopo.

Mogish said the occasion was significant in that it gave police officers the time to refocus their thoughts in giving their service to law-abiding citizens.

He cautioned officers not to take politics as part of their duties to the community. 

He said that that there was a need to emphasise that they were committed and compliant to serving the people.

Mogish said there was a need for police men and women to re-dedicate themselves to what they wanted to do in their roles as members of the force.

He revealed that more than 4,000 people nationwide were on bench warrants.

These people, he said, were the responsibility of the police to invite them to come in for court so that their cases could be heard and have the law deal directly with them.

ENB Governor Leo Dion, who was also present during the ceremony, thanked the ACP for the initiative to host the parade.

He told those who gathered that this year was the year of implementation and reaffirmation of the members of the police commitment to serving the people.