Policewomen told to rise up for conference

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THE 11th policewomen’s conference will be held in Enga in 2020, it was announced yesterday.
This was confirmed by national policewomen’s coordinator Maryanne Yabara in Wabag.
Yabara, a first-time visitor to Enga to scout for a conference venue, said she was impressed with the environment of Wabag and many places like Sirunki Lodge, Sopas Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Nursing College and the hospital. She admitted she first thought of Enga as a “no go zone” but she had found the people to be “very friendly and welcoming”.
Yabara said the 11th policemen’s conference in Wabag would be bigger than the last event in Kimbe because members from the Highlands and Mamose regions would be travelling in by road. Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas welcomed the event being held in Wabag. Provincial police commander Joseph Tondop, who is the patron for this conference, encouraged female officers to rise up as equals with their male colleagues.
“We will be hosting a very important event so you must rise up and show your strength in policing roles,” he said.
“We are grateful to hear that Enga has been chosen as the next venue.”