Policing eyed to reduce crime


COMMUNITY policing is an important area that will help maintain law and order, a pastor in Jiwaka says.
The chairman of the Jiwaka ex-prisoners’ association, Ps Moses Kerua, said much of the country’s law-and-order problems were happening in rural areas where government presence was not felt.
He said his association was working hard to help ex- prisoners and also promote awareness of law-and-order issues.
Kerua said that with the support from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General they were travelling to some areas where law and order was becoming a serious concern.
“My concern is if only the government can focus on community policing then this can help in maintaining law and order,” he said.
“I believe that community policing is the key area which will help to reduce the crime rate starting within the family and the community.
“We need to make sure as law-abiding citizens that we respect the rule of law,” Kerua said.
He said community policing would help the government fix law-and-order problems in the rural areas.
“There are many law-and-order issues like tribal fights, rape or other related issues taking place in the rural areas but they are not reported to the concerned authorities,” he said.
He said positive changes and development would only take place if community policing is introduced.
“I call on the government to introduce community policing back in the rural areas to curb issues affecting lives and properties,” Kerua said.
Kerua believes that a lot of social problems were instigated by people in villages, so community policing could play an active role in solving them.