Policy on child labour

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The National, Wednesday 22nd May 2013


DISCUSSIONS are underway to develop the first national policy on child labour in Papua New Guinea.

Stakeholders from various government agencies, non governmental organisations, faith-based organisations and donor agencies have gathered in Port Moresby since Monday for the Child Labour National Action Plan forum, spearheaded by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations. 

Yesterday’s session focused on three key areas identified in the 2011 child labour forum that was in Port Moresby. 

These were research, education and policy frame work of which a consensus was reached that there was a need for a national policy and the establishment of a national consultative committee to oversee the implementation of the national action plan to eradicate child labour in the country. 

The national action plan was drafted following the 2011 forum by a working committee that comprised of various stakeholders. 

However, the forum heard from ILO and the department yesterday that most of the activities outlined in the plan were not implemented according to the time frame given simply because of a lack of coordination between the stakeholders in the committee.

The plan contained six key issues that needed to be addressed from planned activities by responsible stakeholders. The issues include :

  • Lack of local data on child labour in PNG – objective: By 2013, more qualitative CL research be conducted in PNG;
  • Lack of awareness and advocacy on child labour in Papua New Guinea – objective: By 2014, 80% of the population is able to understand and fairly interpret the issues;