Polio vaccination underway in WHP


ROUND four of the nationwide polio vaccination programme began last week and will run for two weeks.
In the Western Highlands, health teams went to the four districts of the province to conduct awareness on the disease followed by the vaccination of children under the age of 15.
A team from the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority conducted a one day social mobilisation training for stakeholders and partners on March 4.
It was to seek their support and educate them on how the disease spreads and what they could do to prevent its spread.
The stakeholders included those from church health services and school inspectors from Mt Hagen, Tambul-Nebilyer, Dei and Mul–Baiyer.
The programme started on March 4 and would end on Monday.
Parents are urged to take their children under 15 to the nearest health facility or vaccination point to be vaccinated.
The vaccination teams will not only immunise children against polio but also carry out other routine immunisation activities to save time and cost as well as to prevent children from catching other preventable diseases. The education division in Western Highlands has taken ownership of the vaccination exercise with executive manager Knox Kiap writing to all schools to organise children classes to be vaccinated.
The PNG health authorities confirmed its first polio outbreak in 18 years, after one case of the virus was confirmed in Lae, Morobe, last year.
In July, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and PNG authorities launched an emergency immunisation campaign to try to prevent other children from becoming infected.
The campaign started in Morobe, Madang and Eastern Highlands provinces. Three campaigns were conducted covering thousands of children.

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  • this polio vaccination may be one way in which people may look for ways to introduce birth control methods to control the population so that the natural virgin environment is sustained.

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