Political will vital in development projects

Normal, Youth & Careers

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

POLITICAL will and support are important to push development projects in rural areas, Rebecca Kiage says.
Kiage, the director of MGBK Consultancy, said this during the graduation of 166 students at an adult literacy programme at Seseya village in Kamano, Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, last Friday.
MGBK specialises in agricultural policy development and renewable energy systems in rural areas.
Kiage holds masters degrees in science energy resources and public policy management.
Kiage said many worthwhile development initiatives could be initiated at the village, LLG and ward levels but without the support of the politicians and administrations, the programmes would go nowhere.
“Politicians are key people. If they give their support for the programme, then it will achieve more,” she said.
Kiage urged the people of Kamano Two, an area ravaged by tribal fighting in the past 17 years, to form cooperative societies and draw up plans to access government and donor funds to develop their villages.
“You must have a plan. And your plan must be aligned to the Government’s Vision 2050 and other development strategies so as to receive funding,” she said.
Kiage told the people that organisations such as the Small Business Development Cooperation and the Coffee Industry Corporation were there to help them.
Kiage said Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso’s move to allocate K10,000 each to all the 264 wards of the province was a right move to boost development.
 in the six wards of Kamano.