Politics and sport don’t mix


POLITICS has crippled major sporting codes in the country.
We all have experienced the negative effects of opposing sides claiming to be the legitimate side with the right to occupy positions or the right to a sponsor.
For example, look at the Simbu Warriors who became the TNA Lions.
The TNA Lions were doing just fine before the Simbu provincial government took over. Look what happened after that?
Politicians just can’t keep their hands off good things. The Simbu Warriors are not going to be involved in this year’s Digicel Cup again.
Jiwaka’s Waghi Tumbe returned to the Digicel Cup with a big bang in 2017 and finished in the top 5 in 2018. This year, their major sponsor pulled out because of politics.
With regards to Waghi Tumbe, what baffled many rugby league followers is the role the PNG Rugby Football League and the Digicel Cup management played leading up to the withdrawal of the sponsor.
Stanley Hondina and his board accepted two bids, one from the incumbent sponsor of Waghi Tumbe and the other from the outgoing sponsor.
The actions of Stanley Hondina and his team to accept the two bids created a venue for politics to creep into the game again, when the Waghi Tumbe was doing just fine under the sponsorship of the outgoing sponsor.
PNG rugby league and the Digicel Cup management need to review their policies and extend from one to three years the contract of the Digicel Cup franchises to protect corporate sponsors from unnecessary political disruptions.
Politics have no place in any sporting code.

BP, Hunters Tok Stret