Polling starts for North Bougainville

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The National, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

POLLING for the North Bougainville by-election started yesterday with the exception of Selau constituency, which began polling on May 14.
More than 10,000 eligible voters will be going to the poll to elect a new member for the North Bougainville open seat.
The seat was left vacant by former member and now Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio.
Six of the 55 polling teams engaged departed Buka Island on Sunday for the Atolls and Nisan while the rest were dispatched yesterday by road to Tsitalato, Hagogohe, Halia, Peit, Tonsu, Haku, Selau, Suir, Teua, Mahari, Taonita Teop and Taonita Tinputz.
For Buka town residents, inside the Tsitalato constituency, polling by limited preferential voting (LPV) would be located at the following venues:
*Today – Buka town market, Iuping Tsuhana, Chinchin;
*Tomorrow – Bel Isi Haus,  Hangan Catholic church, Lonahan CLC Haus Lotu;
*Thursday – Motmoto Elementary School, Bubuil Elementary School, Lonahan aid post;
*Friday – University open campus and Bibinama.
Bougainville electoral officer Reitama Taravaru said he anticipated a smooth by-election with counting to start immediately as constituencies complete polling.
Polling ends on Friday.
Meanwhile, Taravaru also revealed that the Tonsu by-election for Bougainville would cost the Autonomous Bougainville Government K170,000.
The ABG Tonsu by-election would be conducted immediately after the by-election for North Bougainville.
The people of Tonsu constituency will elect a new open member.