Polye’s untactful disposition costly

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 16, 2010

IF I were Sir Michael Somare, I would have also “dumped” Don Polye as deputy.
The main reason being the disposition he has exhibited in his short political career.
In 2007, after winning the Kandep Open, he declared: “I am ready to be the PM.”
A year later, he was quoted repeating the same line in Mt Hagen, Chimbu and elsewhere.
He also allowed our dailies to play up “his story”.
What was Polye hoping to achieve from the publicity stunt when Sir Michael was still the PM?
On the other hand, he was equally open about his fidelity to the aging prime minister.
The opposition, aware of his intentions, had been trying to lure him over.
But he flatly refused to “dine” with them.
While I believe he meant what he said when he called Sir Michael his “friend”, how can we reconcile with these two faces of Polye?
Perhaps there is one thing we have yet to fully understand him.
For sure he is not your typical politician.
Politicians are shrewd, crafty and deceitful, but to me, Polye does not fall into that category.
He is just being who he is.
When he says he is “ready”, he means it.
Similarly, when he calls someone a “friend”, he also means it.
One can call such dispositions either “immature” or “unstable” but I find in this man – an open, transparent demeanour.
It is good to have a “friend” like him than one who is “dark and deep like the other bearded man”.
In conclusion, it is his own untactful disposition that has cost him his position.
This is a lesson for everyone to learn and also not to react.
If Polye reacts, he loses his integrity.
I suggest that he accept this as God’s will and supports his Engan brother Sam Abal.

Port Moresby